Deciding what to do for a date can be a daunting task if you want to do something different.  Below are five ideas -plus one bonus idea- to make planning a date night a little easier.

  1. Go on a traditional date to the movies.  There are plenty of theaters around D.C., but The Landmark Atlantic Plumbing Cinema is special.  It is different from other theaters because it allows you to enjoy more than popcorn and Coke while you watch your movie in luxury seating. Order a salad, or chicken wings instead of, or in addition to, your ordinary theater food. Seasonal twist: During the warm weather months there are outdoor movie screenings around the city. Find one near you and pack a picnic.  Either of these options are a fun take on the traditional movie date.
  2. Go out to a theatrical play.  Tickets to plays can be expensive, but the Kennedy Center does free performances on the Millennium Stage everyday at 6:00 PM.  Since the performances are free there is no guaranteed seating so get there a little early.  If the showings on Millennium Stage are not appealing, download the TodayTix app.  This app offers deals on local shows in the area, and chances to win free tickets to performances.  
  3. D.C. has a lot of sports teams and so there is always a sport in season in the District. Tickets are available from the ticket office or from online vendors.
  4. For a romantic date, go to the back of Lincoln Memorial and watch the sunset over Arlington Cemetery and the river. Afterward, walk around the mall and see the monuments at night.  The mall is less crowded after the sun goes down and starts to serene. The monuments at night are beautiful so you will probably want to have your camera ready, and your phone storage clear for this date.  
  5. For a low key date, go do some people watching at Meridian Hill Park.  Pack a blanket, a picnic, and some outdoor games to make it a fun afternoon.  On Sunday evenings there is a drum circle in the park so this is the perfect time to go. Yoga groups often meet to practice in the outdoors and there are always people walking, or playing with, their dogs in the park.  
  6. Bonus seasonal date idea: During the winter there are ice skating rinks at the Kennedy Center, in Georgetown, and the National Gallery of Art. Grab some hot chocolate (or your hot beverage of choice) and whirl around the rink.  

Any of these dates can be as expensive as you choose. At the ballgame, food and drinks are usually the most expensive portions of the evening. Mitigate this expense by grabbing some food before you get to the game.  For ticket deals and promotions, checkout sites like Groupon or LivingSocial.  These sites often have deals that include merchandise or concessions with the ticket.If you want to add something to the monuments at night, check out the rooftop at the W Hotel or the Watergate. From these vantage points you will get unparalleled views of the city.  Google “yoga in Meridian Hill Park” to see if any of the studios are offering a class. Generally, the studios offer class in the warm months.

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